Back to Basics

It’s been far too long. It’s been far too busy. And I keep getting told that blogging is over, that all the cool kids communicate on SnapGram or TokTik or something. But the hell with that, I’ve finally got a few minutes to breathe after the weirdest 18 months ever, and this seems like as good a reason as any to get back into writing.

More posts are coming, partially prompted by encouragement on twitter and some just because I need a place to vent. I feel like I’ve been doing too much managing – which like most of us, has meant firefighting and chaos for the last little while – and not enough on teaching. So here goes, once I’ve got my head around the ‘new’ WordPress editor. Coming attractions…

  • School email and why it’s broken
  • CPD as a process not an event
  • Models and Modelling in Science
  • Why science lights the way rather than being something to follow
  • Why I hate seeing myself on video
  • Science since 1901 series – my great grandmother’s textbook
  • More than three stomachs and no brain – joining a committee.
  • Why it’s worth considering professional registration

I’m still busy with the day job, and family life always gets more rather than less complicated. But I’m asking you all to prompt and encourage me so I can get this show back on the road…

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics”

    1. A fair point, and I can see why that would be most relevant for classroom teachers. Bit these days I work with teachers-trainers, so CPD approaches are pretty much at the centre of my job And sometimes I write for myself as much as the audience! Hope you find something worth reading in whatever I write next, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

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