Opening up the toolkit

Afternoon all

Hope you’re all enjoying your half-term; due to various crises (and yes, that is the correct plural of crisis) I’m temporarily off Twitter and rather stressed. This means blogging time is noticeable by its absence, as it’s all I can manage to keep the day job, freelance gigs and the washing up done. Oh, and being a Cub leader.

But I’ve not forgotten you all! Until I can produce something more constructive, I decided to share the entire contents of my now-defunct ‘Student Toolkit’ site via Google Drive. It’s neither organised nor pretty, but it is complete. I wasn’t getting any feedback or praise, and it was costing me money. So if you knew of it’s existence and hadn’t bothered to say thank you, well, now you know why it’s vanished. 🙂

I plan to blog one of the resources, with explanations and corrected links and so on, over time. It should be fairly quick and easy which is good when there’s a screaming toddler needing food and older boys hacking into the family WiFi. Or that of the neighbours.


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