Revision Lesson Ticklist

Disclaimer: I stole this idea from @ange01. It was saved to my notes a while back, and while planning today’s revision lessons I found the idea and decided to put it into practice. As usual, I’ve adapted it to suit what I wanted; blame me for the problems and credit her with the original idea.

Each student gets a printed list of things they need to achieve during the lesson’s different revision activities. (I’ll be blogging some of these during the week, to help out colleagues with students preparing for the AQA P1 exam.) I’ve split these into two categories:

General Learning

  • Helped another student
  • Got myself ‘unstuck’
  • Gave advantages/disadvantages
  • Looked up a definition
  • Used an example to support my answer

Science Skills

  • Remembered an equation
  • Rearranged an equation
  • Converted units
  • Described a method
  • Used scientific vocabulary

This would obviously take moments to produce and customize, but if you’d like my effort: lesson ticklist as .pdf

These act as a prompt for strategies as well as a reminder of the skills tested during the exam. You could use the slips as ‘exit tickets’, or ‘loyalty cards’ as I’ve seen online. You could award credits to students who have the most ticks; this is something I think might work particularly well with younger students. I’m also going to produce an equivalent list for practical lessons, as so many kids either avoid touching equipment or never let go of the damn test tube.


As usual, if you find this resource useful, or adapt the idea to your own teaching, I’d really appreciate you taking a moment to add to my portfolio. Simply follow this link and tick a few boxes, no names necessary. Many thanks.


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