Biology and Evolution

Although not a specialist, I do enjoy teaching about biology. For me it splits into two main areas of interest:

  • the nuts and bolts (or arteries and organs, to be more exact) of medical biology and anatomy. I’ve always liked the gruesome bits of TV medical programmes and years as a first-aider, plus some care work, have left me impossible to gross out. (Having kids helps too.) I find that using details of our own bodies not only helps the kids remember the facts, but also provides a way to fascinate them. The ones that don’t faint.
  • the ideas and principles of evolution by natural selection. This is such a beautiful, elegant idea, and it drives me nuts that so many people feel compelled to ignore it. Obviously, some kids strugle with the concepts to start with, but every teacher expects that. What I have trouble with is those students, and not always the weak ones, who hold their hands up and say, “But it isn’t true because my holy book says…”

Resources and links will be showing up here in the near future. In the meantime, why not check out the series of six posts about evolution I made? Select the category ‘biology’ on the right and see what turns up.


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