Pay Me…

Four days a week (ish) I’m a teaching and learning coach with the Stimulating Physics Network, linked to the Institute of Physics.

I’ve also written on teaching topics for the Guardian and the Royal Society of Chemistry. I’ve produced resources for the Welcome Trust’s I’m a Scientist Get Me out of Here and contributed to projects for AQA, Edcoms and the DfE. I’m co-author on a book coming out in January and am playing around with ideas for something more personal.

I’d love to write for you, but I have a simple rule; if the site makes money for anyone then I need to get paid. Check out ShouldIworkforfree if you don’t understand this concept. I’m not interested in providing you with content to make you money if I don’t get something in return. (Yes, I do get asked. No, I don’t understand it either.) As long as that’s not a problem, get in touch. I’m happy – and as my blog shows, competent – to produce resources as well as written items. To give you a price context, if I tutor A-level Physics I can earn £25 per hour. Email is the most reliable route.

I welcome sponsored guest posts here, as long as I can label them as such. The links to books are mainly affiliate links to which means I get a few pennies on the pound. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. If in doubt, go buy the books (all of which I only include as recommendations) from your local independent book shop, which I’d prefer anyway.

If you want to say thank you in a less formal way, buy me a coffee.


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