T&L 4: Starters Ideas

This is from last week; this week’s T&L Idea was about better use of HW, and I ended up presenting it to (a very small number of) colleagues, so will take a little longer to turn into a post.
Lots of different uses, from setting the scene to checking previous work, settling a rowdy class to introducing new words. No matter what, something that engages the class immediately is a good aim. Two practical links and one more theoretical one this week.
Anagrams – of key terms, parts of an objective and so on – can be great. To make this quicker, producing the anagram is made easy by using I, Rearrangement Servant (Internet Anagram Server).
There are many sites where you can produce flashcards or similar for a class to access. I’m putting together some for my classes at the moment, but in the process have remembered how useful Quizlet is for simple matching activities. Quickly enter Q and A (eg scientific term and definition) and you’ve a range of formats for learning and testing. There are loads of sets already available but registration is free if you want to sort out your own. Leave on the board and students will start making pairs despite themselves.
For when you have a little more time to think about the why and how of starters, I found this recent post by a history teacher very interesting over the weekend. (When I wasn’t cursing politicians of all parties for their ideas about teaching.)
Hope some of these are of interest – as always ideas and feedback not just welcome, but requested.