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Tiger White PR: Mumsnet research confirms NutraSea isn’t fishy

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Apr 23, 2010 11:08 CEST

Mumsnet research confirms NutraSea isn’t fishy
NutraSea omega-3 liquid oil doesn’t taste of fish, say Mumsnetters

Unlike other omega-3 fish oil products that have a strong fishy taste, new premium quality omega-3 NutraSea doesn’t taste of fish, according to 93 per cent of Mumsnetters and their children.

In fact over half of the Mumsnetters would recommend NutraSea to a friend because it isn’t fishy and their children have happily consumed the omega-3 oil.

The new NutraSea omega-3 range comes in three delicious flavours for the whole family:

• NutraSea lemon flavour is zingy and awakes the senses
• NutraSea+D apple flavour refreshes the tastebuds
• NutraSea Kids Very Berry flavour makes taking omega-3 a treat instead of a trial

The 50 members of Mumsnet involved in the research provided feedback on the taste after two weeks of trialling NutraSea+D themselves and NutraSea Kids on their children. They will also be reporting back on the health benefits of the omega-3 after three months of trialling NutraSea+D and NutraSea Kids.

One Mumsnetter commented: “I would recommend NutraSea Kids because my son is very very fussy and it’s hard to get him to take any supplements, but he tried one spoonful of it and liked it.”

Another Mumsnetter commented: “I would recommend the NutraSea+D because it is pleasant tasting and I can put it in juice.”

NutraSea’s taste is far and beyond any other omega-3 on the market thanks to a unique purification process, natural flavouring and a green tea antioxidant blend to maintain freshness. The taste is so good that it can be mixed into your morning porridge or muesli, giving you a tasty health kick to start your day. Later in the day, NutraSea can be drizzled lavishly over salad leaves for a refreshingly tangy dressing, and for an even tastier treat can be whizzed up in milkshakes and smoothies for the ultimate fruity burst.

Not just tasty, this miracle oil delivers the very best in healthy omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are not just a passing trend, they are essential for your health.

Whilst nuts, flaxseed and soybeans can provide limited amounts of omega-3, they offer very low quantities of EPA and DHA, the bio-active forms of omega-3 which are necessary for optimal health benefits. Oily fish is the most direct source of EPA and DHA, but most people do not eat sufficient amounts for it to have a positive effect on their health.

Supplementing your diet with NutraSea omega-3 gives you the most delicious – and highest potency – omega-3 levels on the high street. Unfortunately there are an abundance of low-quality, fishy tasting products on the market that do not provide any tangible health benefits. However, containing 1500 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per daily dose with a minimum of 750 mg EPA and 500 mg DHA – that’s a whole tin of sardines – NutraSea guarantees great taste and potency in every dose.

Containing only natural ingredients and omega-3 sourced from certified sustainable fish species, NutraSea omega-3 is the highest quality natural health supplement available. Unlike other omega-3 brands, NutraSea exceeds international guidelines for quality and purity set by the World Health Organization and the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Available from selected Holland & Barrett and GNC stores, all good health food stores and independent pharmacies, NutraSea is available in the following sizes, flavours and formats and is best kept in the fridge:

• NutraSea Liquid (140ml) Lemon Flavour costs £14.99
• NutraSea + D Liquid (140ml) Apple Flavour costs £16.99
• NutraSea Kids Liquid (140ml) Very Berry Flavour costs £14.99
• NutraSea Capsules (120 softgels) cost £17.99
• NutraSea +D Capsules (120 softgels) cost £19.99

For more information on the NutraSea omega-3 range, please visit the company’s website


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