My Utility Belt

This was already planned as a response to Ian McDaid’s What’s In My Bag post, but I was prompted by a tweet from Cory @Doctorow about the wonderful Grid-It organiser. They’re great. Go and buy one.

So anyway, here’s the contents of my bag, about to be packed ready for my induction tomorrow into the Hall of Fame. I mean, Justice League. Okay, it’s actually into the Stimulating Physics Network, but that’s honestly nearly as good. Just with less lycra.



Starting at the top left:

  • Moleskine 18 month planner, hacked with elastic to hold a pen (Leuchtturm1917 make one if you don’t have the bits handy) and with plastic tabs to save time. Hint: Stick a few post-its in the back for convenience.
  • Decent ballpoint which stays put and a keep-in-my-pocket Uniball fineliner. These are 5 for £4 in Tesco at the moment, go and buy some quick.
  • Pencil case, bought for me. Filled with, well, pens and stuff.
  • Elephant Wallet, basically some elastic sewn together to make a great minimalist wallet. Made to order, tiny in your pocket.
  • Earbuds for podcasts, music and blocking out the world when on a train. Cheap because I’m always losing the damn things.
  • Small notebook with detachable pages in a leather sleeve, bought on sale at a silly price from Waterstones. I am a bit of a stationery nerd.

The electronics:

  • Nexus 2013 edition, shiny gadget running Android. For once I was an early adopter with a Samsung Tab, but this is lighter and faster. And half the price of an iPad mini. Small enough to hold in one hand (great ebook reader) but has a big enough screen to make working possible.
  • It’s stored in a Cocoon Grid-It, basically a neoprene sleeve with loads of elastic across it. You can stick an amazing amount of stuff in there (currently: two sets of business cards, spare pen, painkillers, cables, book of stamps, coffee disloyalty cards, ruler, worked flint tool from 10k years ago, memory stick) and it all stays put.
  • To make the tablet a bit more practical, add a Bluetooth keyboard. There are loads about but it means you’ve got a kind of DIY netbook. I’m not linking to this because it’s acting up, but that’s possibly me.

So there we are – add in my phone (cheap android, tethers the tablet when needed, and what I used for the photo) and we’re done. All in a bag that I forgot to take a picture of, but it’s a rucksack because I have delusions of youth. Briefcases are for grown-ups and satchels are for schoolgirls in Enid Blyton books.

More posts coming soon, but I need to sort out what the rules are going to be for sharing resources on here. Hope everyone has had (or is about to have) a great start to the new school year.



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