Student Toolkit

Some of my readers will already know I’ve been working, in fits and starts, on a second site to be used by students: Student Toolkit. This grew out of the resources I shared with my own pupils but is available to all, without cost or registration. The running costs of the site are covered, more or less, by being an Amazon affiliate although this doesn’t come close to repaying me for the time spent. But never mind. The reason I’m posting here is to flag up the site and share some display items you may find useful.

Download toolkit complete as a five page .pdf or see the original poster at the other site.

I plan to post about my own specific displays soon, as I check the files ready for the new term (in a new school!), but these are ready to go and I hope you find the signposted resources worth recommending. If you’ve a post to contribute or students who would like to be involved, please put them in touch via the site.

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