Summer jobs list review

Welcome back! Yes, I know we’ve been back a week or so. I’ve been kind of busy with all that September stuff; introductions, seating plans, lab rules, procedures, blowing stuff up and so on. Which means my blog has been slightly neglected. You’ve probably enjoyed the peace and quiet, but here I am to spoil it.

I have no intention of showing you all the photos I took on my holidays. Because I don’t show up on film, mainly. I also try to keep this blog fairly professional, so here’s my review – with a little reflection – of how I did on the summer jobs I suggested before our break.

I did some of my summer reading, but not as much as I hoped. I’m mostly done with the Fisher and Frey, which means I now have one less excuse to delay a huge blog post. This will discuss how to adapt their Graduated Release of Responsibility) GRR method for the teaching of science practical, rather than literacy skills. I really think this is an important way to consider the often unwritten attitudes and approaches we try to instil in our students, and works as a nice complement to the 5/7Es (explained brilliantly here by @hrogerson). I’ve not gotten as far with the Perfect English Ofsted Lesson, but I will.

It was interesting taking part in the AQA Stakeholder day for AS/A2 Science, but I’m glad I only realised afterwards that I was the only state teacher there. Seriously, where were the rest of you? I found the tension between university admissions and realistic school concerns to be particularly fascinating. As expected, a lot came back to the ubiquitous problem of ‘science for future scientists’ or ‘science for citizens’? Travelling was less fun, and the lack of pay probably contributed to the low teacher involvement.

The YorkTU was great fun. I wittered for a bit, other people spoke much more concisely and informatively, and a good time was had by all. I shared my notes via Evernote and wrote up the event for the Guardian Teacher Network. Lots of great stuff, like any teachmeet, but I’d like to particular recommend @A_Weatherall‘s Science Teaching Library idea, with associated hashtag #sciteachlib.

I spent some time thinking about strengths and weaknesses, partly prompted by my decision to go for RSci then CSciTeach status through the ASE. In the last week this has made me realise that although I of course do plenty of CPD (exhibit A: this blog) I don’t keep track of it as well as I might. Being me, I’ve now written a CPD tracker via GoogleDocs, which will be featured in a post later this week.

(And I’ve done family stuff (festival plus holiday), moved back into our house after major refurbishments, read lots of non-teacher books, built lots of Lego models, and kept the momentum up for a top-secret project to be unveiled later this year…)

So think I’ve managed to do enough homework? How did you manage with the tasks you had set yourself? Comments and ideas welcome, as ever, below…

3 thoughts on “Summer jobs list review”

  1. Thanks for the compliment about the 5E/7E blog post. It is probably why there is extra traffic to my blog!

    I have a list of priorities for this year in my work, some focused on my teaching and others focused on my department. I had planned to get ahead with some of these over the summer. I didn’t.

    However, I really enjoyed the sport and I enjoyed spending time with the family. Which you don’t get to do much when you are at work.

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