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I’d just like to contrast two parts of the speech that Gove made (taken from the online document, not sure how closely he stuck to the script) at the Spectator Conference. I promise, after this I’m sticking to pedagogy for a bit, I’ve had enough of politics. Michael Gove faced criticism from an unexpected source […]

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Gove’s Resit


I was already planning to type up a few more developments in the #govelevels saga. Reading that Gove is to blame pretty much everyone except politicians for the difficulties in the exam system just means I’m finding it a little hard to be balanced. I’ll do my best, because I partly wonder if his intent […]

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Well, it’s been an interesting few days. I offer no apology for my knee-jerk reaction to the news that our Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, was proposing a return to two distinct tiers (caution, DailyMail link) at age 16. I’ve spent the last few days trying to track the story, as much as […]

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I’m sure my readers, if there are any, are familiar with the fantastic 500words project running to get people thinking about the purpose of education. I wrote my own contribution a while back, but today – because of all the fuss of the last few days about #govelevels – I wanted to write one from […]

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Book Busking


Where possible, I buy local. We have organic meat and eggs, for welfare reasons rather than concerns about pesticides or whatever. Chocolate, coffee and bananas are fairtrade. And yet, for a long time, I bought an awful lot of books through Amazon. I really shouldn’t have needed the recent revelation that Amazon are evading tax to encourage […]

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