Getting Nominated (the easy bit)


Several posts should be arriving soon, including a summary of the recent #SciTeachJC, a quick guide to quick use of the 5/7Es when writing a lesson plan or a scheme of work, and ‘my fortnight on twitter’. This is a really quick one and is basically about me being selfish.

This site has been nominated for this year’s Education Blog Awards, in two categories: Teacher Blog and Influential Blog. You can see the list of nominated blogs here and in the spirit of fairness – and sharing – I strongly recommend you have a look at them. Recognising several names in these categories is rather startling, so the competition looks pretty fierce.

Firstly, I’d love to think that through this post you’ve found other useful, relevant and well-written blogs. That’s why I write and it’s why I have a list (often a bit out of date, it’s true) on the right. Secondly, it would be great if you vote. Obviously, if you think I deserve it, I’d like that vote to be for me. But if not, then please believe I’d rather you voted for a colleague (in the wider sense) than not vote at all. This is the kind of thing, apart from comments and shares, that makes us bloggers feel appreciated. Feedback and encouragement keeps us at our computers and off the streets. Trust me, you want that.

Thanks for your time.

4 thoughts on “Getting Nominated (the easy bit)”

    1. Voters have to type the blog address into the space on the ‘vote here’ page and choose the category or categories. Not very straightforward, I agree!

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