CPD via Twitter (up to 15th May)

As yesterday’s post shows, I favourite way too many tweets. Some of them, of course, have absolutely nothing to do with teaching. (I’ve still linked to some of them.) But a lot of the time, it’s a way for me to save links or ideas that I can use at work, or links to useful CPD that I want access to. Now that I’ve set up ifttt.com so that every time I favourite a tweet, it arrives in an Evernote folder, life is even better. Thanks to @cleverfiend and LifeHacker for the prompts to this service.


There have been two fantastic responses to Wilshaw’s comments (that I’ve seen – I’m sure there have been many more) I wanted to link to. Time For a Change is, as @infernaldepart tweeted, ‘A superb and must read blog post from @mwclarkson‘. I wonder whether a lot of this is a reaction to the media coverage as much as the original comments. @daviderogers produced a post about ‘monitoring and Ofsted bashing‘ which I found really helpful in reminding me what monitoring is supposed to be about; making teaching better. It’s something I feel strongly about, partly because I think in many departments we need to be better at supporting colleagues to share their own examples of best practice.

I’ve managed to unfavourite (and therefore lose) the original tweet, but this article on recent psychological research is very interesting, especially as it applies Dweck’s mindsets ideas to real life situations. Worth reading for all teachers.

This piece from @ng_dave on the (hypothetical) evolutionary biology of the unicorn is interesting, and might be good for able GCSE students or AS/A2 biologists. It would provide interesting discussion and link natural selection pressures with the (distant) potential of GM.

If you don’t already read John Scalzi’s writing (@scalzi on twitter), then go out and buy some. Start with Old Man’s War or The Android’s Dream. While you’re waiting for it/them to arrive or download, try this. Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is would make a fantastic starter or stimulus for a PSHE lesson or, if you have time, form-time discussion.

This great display produced by @hrogerson, presumably with input from her class(es), links in with the book proposal I’m trying to put together. Because I’m not busy enough. She’s kindly given permission to include the photo.

And for all of us currently teaching Physics exam classes, maybe these flash animations will make life easier. Linked by @alomshaha who possibly felt left out of the last blog post. 🙂

Pedagogy and CPD

Stressed Teachers and Mobile Phones

Wilshaw managed, in one week, to annoy us all yet again. There were two main issues; he questioned whether we should support ‘stressed teachers’ and also implied that mobile phones should never be used in a classroom. As someone who’s livetweeted from #ASEconf and seen some very powerful uses of mobile phones by adults, I’m surprised by such a close-minded attitude. How are students going to learn responsible uses of mobile phones in a ‘work’ context without doing it at school first? (I wonder how many journalists would like to work without their phones?)


Two tweets tagged with #science140 – a great revision method, by the way – caught my eye, both from @garwboy:

At any point in time, half the plants on the planet are not photosynthesising. But look on the bright side…

A travelling electron saw some particle physicists watching it, so it turned to wave.


There is a certain irony that I suspect @tom_hartley got a lot of the traffic to his blogpost (about the point of twitter) through twitter. That’s how I heard about it, from @professor_dave: Great post from my York colleague @tom_hartley about why academics should get on twitter! http://thermaltoy.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/what-is-the-point-of-twitter/ #tweetingtotheconverted?

  • @MsMonroe15: Eg of how private sector want to squeeze our NHS for profits. 1000s of NHS Staff told “take a pay cut or be sacked!” http://goo.gl/ZUUmc
  • @GarethAveyard: So, I quickly scribbled this “thing” down about depression, no idea if it makes sense, you can read it, if you like… http://j.mp/M4V1Zn
  • @TimHarford: Anodyne anonymity, thought provoking article by @doctorow http://dlvr.it/1Z206


My aim is to repeat this each weekend or so, hopefully with rather less to try to include. And yes, I know I’ve not hotlinked all the tweeters. Those that are linked pasted that way from twitter. I shall investigate quicker ways to list them, possibly as a Storyify of some kind. We shall see. If you’ve found any of the links useful, please comment below – that will massively increase the probability of me doing it again.


3 thoughts on “CPD via Twitter (up to 15th May)”

  1. I also have far too many favourites on twitter – mostly science related, so I am finding your list of CPD tweets very useful. Just spent a good half-hour exploring your links and links from your links. The co-constructive ideas are very interesting – something I have tried in the past with not much success so good to see how it can work.

    Please keep posting – it is appreciated!

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