Not Continuing Physics?

I posted almost a fortnight ago about some data I’d like to collect about students who have chosen not to continue with Physics into sixth form. I got a few responses, which I’ve used to adjust the Google form. The questionnaire is now sorted (I hope) and I’d love to get as many responses as possible, so I’m inviting everyone to be involved. Unless there’s a good reason, I’ll close the form at the end of September. I’ve included a field for the institution postcode, so each school or sixth form should be able to get personalized data without messing around with different invitations or codes from me. The questionnaire is primarily aimed at students who:

  • have started AS courses after GCSEs.
  • achieved highly at GCSE, either in Core/Additional or separate Science courses.
  • haven’t started AS Physics.

I’m especially interested in those students who were capable, but chose other subjects. Attitudes to Physics for all students would of course be interesting, but it’s the ‘missed opportunities’ I’d like to know about – those students we wish had chosen ‘our’ subject. I know lots has been done on this before, but Google forms gives us as teachers the chance to collect data to use in our own schools and collate it all.

The link for the form is:

I’d love for this to be shared with students starting AS courses this month. Please feel free to pass this on to colleagues or friends who teach, and I’ll be regularly flagging it up on Twitter. Drop me a line there or via email ( if you have any questions, suggestions or whatever. I’ll certainly blog about the results (if any) and it may become an article if any of the teaching magazines or journals are interested. Hopefully I’ll figure out some way to make the results searchable for individual institutions – make sure your students are entering the correct postcode.

Thanks for your interest, and in advance for your assistance!


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