Adaptations of Santa and Rudolf

What better way to celebrate the festive season than to consider the adaptations of Santa and Rudolf to their annual tasks?

Don’t answer that.

Printable: christmas as pdf

I gave this exercise to my students today and they seemed to enjoy it. I asked them to start by giving me three serious adaptations for each, and we then continued along a more festive theme as we approached the end of the lesson. You could give hints or add arrows to get them started.


  • Use of hat/clothes for warmth.
  • Boots have soles adapted for ice and snow.
  • Reins, sleigh and reindeer are more examples of tool use.
  • Highly developed brain (assisted by written records) for naughty and nice lists.
  • Strong arm/back muscles to carry heavy sack.
  • Large belly acts as a camel’s hump allowing prolonged period of exertion.
  • Use of GoogleMaps for navigation. (You could also demonstrate NorADSanta)


  • Thick fur to cope with Arctic conditions.
  • Wide hooves for moving on ice and snow.
  • Herd behaviour.
  • Streamlined shape for higher speed.
  • Mutation allowing flight.
  • Red nose – adaptation to allow easier navigation (without loss of night sight) or result of friction?
  • Antlers could be sophisticated radar aerial.

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