And Take A Deep Breath…

I suspect it’s not just me who’s glad for a break. Most of my students were definitely ready for a breather when they left on Thursday. They probably wouldn’t believe me, but I hope they’ve not done any work at all yet – everyone needs a break (my bag hasn’t even been opened yet).

Most of them probably haven’t done that much. (I must be honest – while writing this I’ve just logged in to our VLE and checked the logs, and a handful of them actually have downloaded the homework! Shocking.) What worries me is that a significant number probably won’t have done any more in a fortnight, less than 48 hours before the work is due in. Maybe I’m too cynical. Maybe all of them, especially those doing exams or resits in the summer, have scheduled their time carefully so they can relax, then get to work.

As for my readers, I hope you’re all taking a moment to pause as well. I don’t intend to post anything more than this token effort in the next few days, but there will be a proper post, including a teaching sequence and printable resources, appearing next weekend to celebrate World Homeopathy Awareness Week. I shall leave you all on tenderhooks until then.

If you are of a religious (or sensitive)  disposition, you may wish to ignore the following YouTube link to Bill Hicks on Easter.


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