Ratings Enabled

Okay, I’ve been getting a little more traffic recently, despite the lack of comments! It seems like a good moment to think about how my first couple of months have gone.

I started from scratch in early January, as it seemed like there was a ‘gap in the market’ for a blog aimed at teachers, especially of science and maths. I’ve since found there are other bloggers out there, other sites and resources, but still not as many as I would have expected. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

In the time I’ve been active, my posts have mostly been about revision and study skills. I guess this reflects how much of teaching seems to be ablout assessment, which is a shame in a way. Maybe it’s just the time of year. Anyway, there have also been a few science-based posts and there’s a detailed one coming soon about teaching ‘How Science Works’ using homeopathy as an example, hopefully something which will be linked to the 10:23 Campaign and the fantastic Lay Scientist Blog.

I’ve also posted some ideas about book recommendations, hardly a surprise as I enjoy reading so much. One of the best things about teaching is being able to share my love of books with a (sometimes) appreciative audience. I figure that even if only one kid in each class discovers a new book or author because of something I say, a loan or suggestion, my day was worthwhile.

My site also has some permanent pages, which are getting towards the level I was after when I started. These should probably be my next priority as in some cases I need to update them to reflect the posts I’ve been making, as well as putting up some of the teaching ideas I originally intended. It’s probably the pages for colleagues that have been neglected, as the students pages are getting somewhere.

And finally, the point of this rather rambling post. If there are readers out there, I would really appreciate some comments, suggestions and feedback. What have I mentioned and then never followed up? What have I missed? How could I encourage some of you – I know you’re out there, WordPress give me statistics and everything, I just don’t know who you are – to come back or make your presence felt. You’re my guests, after all. It seems only right we should be introduced.


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