Books to loan to students 2/5

How To Dunk A Doughnut is a great collection of the science in everyday life, written as a collection of chapters. Inspired in part by a light-hearted paper in Nature 397 (I think it’s the same one as is republished at First Science here), the book examines how science affects us every day in the most unexpected ways. The science itself is not easy, but is well explained by Len Fisher, who describes himself as a scientist, author and communicator. He is currently a visiting research fellow at Bristol and continues to write, including Weighing The Soul, which I also enjoyed.

I encourage my students to write while they read – a technique I often use myself. Many of my books have scribbled margins, and although they don’t tend to join in, I find it very interesting when they ask me questions based on what they’ve read or try and push themselves further. I know things are going well when I struggle to answer their questions!


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