Books to loan to students 1/5

As a sixth form student, many years ago, I had a subscription to New Scientist. I probably shouldn’t admit that on the interweb. Still, I found it interesting, if slightly geeky, and not too hard to understand most of the time. I now find some of the articles a bit basic, although useful in lessons, and have long since let my subscription lapse. Like many readers, one of the first pages I used to turn to was at the back, ther ‘Last Word’ section. This included questions asked by readers and a selection of the responses.

How to Fossilise Your Hamster is one of several books collecting together the high – and low – points of this correspondance. Some of the questions are about scientific theories, others ask about practical applications. This book in particular has many suggestions for ideas you can test out or demonstrate at home, and I have pinched a few to use in lessons too. The series (several are available) are great to loan out to students and have, for me, bridged a gap between the Horrible Science series, which are fun but a bit basic, and the more challenging recommendations I will list later this week.


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