From The Bookshelf, 4 of 5

 After some specifically KS3 ideas, here’s one that can take you a little further. I was given The Resourceful Physics Teacher (by Keith Gibbs, but not currently available from Amazon or the Book Depository) by my friend Marion. She’s also a physics teacher and assured me it would be useful and it has indeed become well-thumbed.

The book includes the practical details, tangential suggestions, tips and tricks that help to turn a standard demonstration into something a bit more special. It also has explanations for teachers and models to use with students, and I would certainly recommend it for non-specialists wanting to get a few ideas as well as experienced or new physics teachers wanting to up their game.

While checking this post I’ve found he now runs a website with a load of usable content,, which I will add to my links as soon as I’ve had a proper chance to check it out…


One thought on “From The Bookshelf, 4 of 5”

  1. suprisingly, it’s my favourite book! I have added extra ‘fun’ experiments to the blank pages at the back.
    Sad it’s out of print, but I think the website of the same name has replaced it

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