From the Bookshelf 1 of 5

Instead of one longer post, this week I’m planning to post five times, but much shorter. Let’s see how it works out.

I read all the time. What I read informs my teaching, from thrillers and other fiction to recent popular (and unpopular) science. However, there are some books I return to time and again which really help my lessons.

I have old copies of A-level revision guides for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, picked up for almost nothing in charity shops. Instead of the guides most of my students use today, these are not linked to one specific (and now obsolete) syllabus. Instead, they are arranged as a dictionary, with scientific terms listed in alphabetical order. I find them indispensible to dip into for quick and clear definitions, links to similar ideas, applications and simple line diagrams.

You can buy new copies (the Complete A-Z Physics Handbook, for example, is available at The Book Depository  for about £12) but for a teacher the old versions are probably as good, maybe better. If you find an extra copy, why not keep one at work and one at home?


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